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The Bulova Stetson Fund

The Bulova Stetson Foundation supports diverse organizations that uplift, educate, and forge a path for all Americans. We developed a brand identity and website that is scalable, progressive, and forward thinking. The identity and voice captures a contemporary spirit but remains familiar to those who value the legacy and the foundation’s contribution to over 150 organizations.

The Stetson family has been committed to its workers and their rights since 1889. MyOrb developed the voice and visual that bridges the past, present and sets a path for the future. Based on the four pillars of the foundation the new brand visualizes a timeless concept – revealing grit, determination, and progress. To know what is true and right is just the start.

Progress requires a clear direction, forging a path through history. Moving from legend to legacy, past to future. Progress also requires action, creativity, and, above all, humanity in motion.

These four pillars are represented as four bars in continuous motion, mirroring the progress the foundation delivers. A symbol of ever-evolving adventure and the fight for what is right. Revealing what is important and bringing new opportunities to the forefront.

The cinematic imagery blends a vision of what is possible with the notion of the American Dream. They show a better world, new experiences, and offer inspiration for all.

Creative Direction, Voice, Brand Identity